Energy Certificates (EPCs):

Necessary in every property sale or rental (even for properties less than 50 sq. meters from the 01.01.2016) and in finding ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Our certified energy inspector is available to show you the benefits of energy efficient renovation and to calculate the energy class of your property.

Arranging and legalizing arbitrary construction:

In order to be able to sell your property free from arbitrariness of the past and of the delays they can cause to the completion of the sale.


Whether it's as simple touching up the colours of the walls, or a major renovation of your property, our engineers with specialized teams are available to help you create your space as you have imagined.

Legal settlement:

Our company is backed by a legal advisor specialized in buying and selling properties, to ensure the legality of the transaction for the property you are interested in buying and to inform you about the legal process and the necessary documents required for the sale of your property.

Searching and issuing documents at P.S.:

Lawyers and engineer partners are available in order to search and issue documents from public services such as the urban planning office (permits, plans, etc.), the land registry (transcription, review), cadastre (transcription, cadastral survey).

Audit property titles:

Checking the property titles include verification of their legality, as well as the ownership of the property from Books Shares. This should cover a minimum period of 20 years. Also, any "burdens" such as mortgages, liens, foreclosures etc. will be investigated. Finally, the possible assertion of property by any natural or legal person or the State will be looked into.

Property management:

We will be by your side until the completion of the sale. If you wish, you will remain after this, as we can undertake the management of your property tenancy.

Commercial Licenses:

Our engineers undertake all the procedures for issuing a license for your new business or an existing one that is being transferred to a new place.

Topographic plots:

We cooperate with specialized engineers which issue surveying plots for land within and outside the town/urban planning zone.

Thermographic inspection:

Specialized crew captures your property with a thermographic device. With this you can investigate the need for insulation as well as failures in the existing insulation. Furthermore, you can detect leaks in water and heating pipes or faults in the E/M installation.